Exercise Classes

Restore Oncology Care offers a range of classes from individual, small group and larger sized mat based classes. After an initial assessment to determine your baseline, we will recommend an exercise program that is best suited to your individual needs and goals.

We provide support for:

  • cancer
  • obesity
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • parkinsons
  • osteoporosis
  • pre and post natal
  • chronic pain and fatigue

These classes are based on your individual needs. Following an assessment with your physio or EP,  you will be prescribed a targeted and specific program according to your needs and goals. The small group and individual sessions allows for close monitoring and progression to ensure best outcomes are achieved.

Class Types

Beginner/Intermediate Pilates: Physio led Pilates style classes aimed at beginner and intermediate levels (may be joined live and via zoom)

Clinical Group Rehab: small group rehab classes(maximum of 5 people), offer an individualised exercise program that is closely supervised to help you recover from injury or cancer treatment. These include our cancer rehab classes aimed at people going through and/or completed treatment for cancer, aimed at restoring strength and body confidence and reducing the side effects of the treatment.

Men’s Group Fitness: small group classes aimed at those going through treatment for prostate cancer. Exercise in this group has been shown to reduce the may side effects of treatment as well as:

  • improve mood
  • decrease fatigue
  • increase strength and fitness
  • decrease weight gain
  • reduce risk of mortality (40-50%)

Androgen-Deprivation Therapy (ADT)
ADT reduces the levels of testosterone in the body to slow the growth of cancer or shrink it. As a result of low testosterone, patients experience fatigue, loss of lean muscles mass, changes in bone density, increase in adipose tissue (fat) and chances in mood.

For men who have been prescribed Lucrin (ADT) you may be enrolled in the Man Plan, which includes 16 face to face group sessions that are subsidized, with an out of pocket cost of $5 per class. On the Man Plan you my join any of our Men’s Group Fitness classes.

Next Steps:  is a group exercise program for men and women who
have finished their main cancer treatment and want to take the next
steps on their road to recovery. It is a combination of cardio, pilates and yoga. Next Steps aims to help men and women recovering from cancer to shift their focus from illness to wellness. Suitable for any type of cancer. (may joined live and via zoom)

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