can i fly with lymphoedema

Can I still fly?

No one is going travelling anytime soon during this current COVID-19 climate, but there’s no harm in dreaming right?  But you might also be thinking “Can I still fly?”.  It’s often the...

lymphoedema risk

Lymphoedema – Am I at Risk?

Secondary lymphoedema is a common side effect from Breast Cancer treatment.  If and when you may develop this can be a cause of unnecessary anxiety and continual worry.  According to the most...

exercise for cancer

Exercise is Medicine for Cancer

What if there was a pill that could ease the many side effects of Cancer treatment?? The side effects of cancer treatment are many, including:  fatiguenauseaweight loss/gainreduced bone densitylymphoedemalow moodneuropathymuscle weaknessreduced balanceloss of range...