Using the Ezy-As Applicator

Hi everyone, welcome back. Sharyn here from Restore Physio, Lymphoedema physio and what I want to show you this afternoon is how to put on a compression sleeve, compression garment using the Ezy-As applicator.

So one of the drawbacks to wearing a compression sleeve is that they’re quite hard to get on and off and this little thing can make it a whole lot easier. So grab your Ezy-As. You need a pair of gloves that have a good rubber surface on them so you can get some grip. 

Take your sleeve – it’s in the correct way – I haven’t turned it inside out and I’m just going to fold it out over the top of the Ezy-As and then using my gloves to get a grip I’m just going to slide the garment down the applicator almost until we get to the end of the sleeve. Then, taking my gloves off, I anchor down with my thumb. 

So I’m holding the sleeve in its position, pushing my other hand through that I’m going to put the sleeve on. I would have my clothes out of the way and I’ve only got a short arm so this sleeve is a little bit too long for me but you would just slide it up like that and it would finish where you would want to have the sleeve. So as I say, for me this sleeve is too long but if you’ve got the correct fitting sleeve and it’s the right length you would slide it up and it would finish right there just below your armpit. 

Then you grab your glove again and you would smooth out any little creases or wrinkles so if you have a little wrinkle in there you use the the grip on the glove to smooth that out. It’s a lot easier then trying to pull it up with your fingers which can also cause harm to the garment. So we want to use the glove to smooth it out. 

Then to take the sleeve off you hold at the top and you just slide it back on itself and bring it off. So that just makes it a little bit easier for something that can be quite a chore on a daily basis, this little applicator can help. And using your gloves make it a little bit easier to get on and off.


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