Breast Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Hi there, I’m going to show you in this video how to do lymphatic drainage on your breast, if you have some breast oedema, perhaps following surgery for breast cancer.

So, we want to start with our nodes. So, we find our collarbone up here, this muscle here, come in behind the collarbone with a couple of fingers and applying a moderate pressure 5 to 10 just gentle circles emptying those buckets. So, I’m not digging in really hard I’m just gently on there, circular motion moderate pressure just emptying those buckets.

Then we’re going to come to our other buckets which are under our armpit. With a flat hand and again 5 to 10 nice slow moderate pressure, circular motion emptying those buckets.  So, then they’re ready for us to start moving fluid into them.

So, then we’re going to start at the top of the breast. So, if I’m heading up to these lymph nodes, I start at the top of the breast clearing the way. So again, it’s a fairly slow-motion thinking about stretching the skin moving the fluid that would be sitting just in below the skin. You might find using cream is a little bit easier and again, just a fairly slow but a moderate pressure, not just softly, lightly touching the skin.  We are actually applying a pressure. We’re thinking about moving that fluid up towards those nodes. So, once I’ve started at the top, I then just work my way down a little bit further, a little bit further and I keep working my way up here, coming to the inside of the breast, coming up and then down from the bottom all the way up. If I’m heading towards these nodes here, I start at the side of the breast. So, I clear that side first, so thinking about clearing the pathway so then I can come a little bit further across the breast and I’m moving the fluid in towards those buckets. So, I might spend five ten minutes working on the breast.

At the end I’m going to empty those buckets again. Okay five to ten circles, moderate pressure coming back up here into the nodes up behind that collarbone, five to ten times then just taking a few nice slow big shoulder rolls. That just gets our muscles moving in this area which also helps to move the fluid and then a couple of big deep abdominal breaths, which just again helps to move your lymphatic system and helps to clear the pathways, five to ten times and then you’re done. And if you’re doing it on the other side you would just repeat exactly what I’ve said and take it on to the other side.


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